7 Necessary Things to Make Your Life Beautiful

Life, no definite word or set of words to define the meaning. Anyone can define it according to their feelings. Isn’t it my friend?

It’s the truth. For example, if someone feels free he will define “life” as a simple and happy one. That’s mean positive reactions.  But it will differ from the others. If someone feels sad and worried about his life, he will define “life” as a worried and bad thing. That’s means negative reactions.

Actually, life can be testing. We must face it. I meant we need to lock in and act solid and accept the life we received whatever the life we have. For that, we must have the capability to face it and live. As it is an extremely awesome encounter.

So my friends do you want a beautiful life?

Now let’s see what are the necessary things to make your life beautiful. Believe me, you can change the world. Those are small choices….


01. Small Trip to Outside:

To feel free and stimulates your body keep thirty minutes out. Make sure to maintain the habits according to a timetable. That thirty minutes will begins to change your life better.

02. Most Awesome Word “Silence”:

Sometimes as you are overwork you may be disappointed. So try to take a little break and spend that time without anyone else’s influence. Only you. Spend your time peacefully.

Just take twenty minutes alone with the night sky. That feeling never takes for money.  It’s awesome… You will feel how much beautiful is life.


03. Nutritious Food

That is very much important to have good meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But not instant food items. You should say bye to burger and KFC.

Pay your attention to get some fresh vegetables, fruits, and natural products to your meals. Start from breakfast.

Stop taking instant foods for your easy.

And water. Don’t forget to have enough. It is the most valuable gift that the natural mother presented you. Water means the best medicine we have.  So drink plenty of water. If you are able add green tea to improve your health.

7 Necessary Things to Make Your Life Beautiful

04. Make Your Loved Once Happy

If you can make another feels happy, it is great. That satisfaction we received after made feel happy never can be equal to any other things.

Always help others and if they need you to be there. Then all of them treat you well.

7 Necessary Things to Make Your Life Beautiful

05. Face the Life

In this world, we will not live for eternity. Time passes quickly. And that life will not be a bed of roses or any other flowers. We must have the capability to accept life. Though it is sad or happy. There are many and more instances that we have to face in our day-to-day life. But no need to skip or go away from such instances.

Just react and see what will happen.


06. Accept Both Victory and Defeat

It’s important to get to know that all battles are not intended to be won. That’s mean there are more and many instances we have faced challenges and all results may not be positive. There will be times we lose. You may not have any idea to defeat. It’s better.

But the truth is each and everyone has to face it. So acknowledge it and face both victory and defeat. Then it’s easy to process onward.

Keep in your mind we all differ with each methodology and feeling with each other. So never go to compare your life with others. If someone won you may lose and if you someone loses. You may have chances to win.

So accept both victory and defeat.

07. Past is Past

Past means past. It is already gone and finished. Can you change the past my friends? No. Never. The second that you are going to think now is finished just now Whatever the thing it is gone and it is past now.

So every second you live will definitely be added to the past. So gain something from past that can cultivate for the future. If not don’t think twice to put it to the dustbin. But it is not being a recycle bin. The bad memories should bury for permanently not for reuse.

If you are addicted to feeling the past memorize the past you never be able to bury those sad and bad memories. So be careful with your heart when you are doing transactions.,

Because it’s your heart. It should be protected by yourself. Don’t hope it from others. Memorize good things that happen in present and will be in the future. Make it a habit.

Necessary things to make your life beautiful (4)

So follow the above rules as possible. You will feel safe and happy step by step. Then no one can defeat you and you will see how beautiful it is in our lives.
Be simple and try to find reasons to be happy. I’m sure you will see the light soon if you are still in the dark.
Credit – Malama Life Chanel


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