The Way How You Can Truly Forgive And Start New Life

Actually forgiving someone and letting them exit in your life is not an easy task. It’s truly uncomfortable and very hard feeling for everyone. Isn’t it my friends?

We all have been cheated and betrayed by someone. No one can say it’s wrong.

At a certain moment of our lives, we have faced it. It may be because of a lover, a friend, or someone. Do you know what’s the hardest part of that story? It is forgetting the bad history.

If you live always live with the past you will always feel a pang of pain in your heart. Most probably that’s the main reason letting go and moving on takes a lot of effort.

But my friends we should have enough courage to face that. You have been rated deeply unfairly by others but we should have tools to deal with that. So the bad effect of that injustice will not affect your life.

# Every Action Started From An Emotion

People react to every action in different ways. While some might turn violent, others remain calm and quiet.

But most of them fail in forgive, forget and move on. What may be the reason my friends? There is a psychological aspect.

It is “our brain is programmed to form a memory in portion to the emotional arousal of the situation”. Unfortunately, our brain has an inbuilt ability to remember emotionally impactful things that are especially related to abuse, trauma, etc.

So we should reduce our negative emotions and figure out how to forgive in such a way that it helps us move on. If we consider our mental health to keep and maintain our mental health positively it is important to consume time, effort, and emotional strength.

# Start The New Life By Forgiving

Forgiving is not forgetting. It’s a choice. But not the simple meaning of forgiving and forgetting all the things they did. Take the idea, my friends, forgiveness does not excuse their behavior, but it avoids their behavior from destroying your heart.

As humans, we always try to rationalize things. That’s why we have a hard time with the task of forgiving. And another important thing is if we are not responsible for their actions, we are hundred percent responsible for ours.

So we are responsible for our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately our peace of mind and happiness.

Let’s see how to forgive ourselves and others according to the scientific study of forgiveness.

#1 Deciding a practical solution

We need to believe that forgiveness is possible and that’s the most appropriate solution for the problem.

#2 Select the option forgive

That’s mean how forgiveness affects our minds.

#3 Prepare a list

Go back to the past and write a list of everyone who harmed you in any way.  According to the list place the people who hurt you a lot. You will see them At the top of the list and start to forgive them.

#4 Keep aside your anger

Handle your anger. If you can’t control it, try to let your anger out. For that, you should have enough strength.

#5 Give full commitment

For this task, you must have full commitment.

#6 Pay attention to others also

 When you doing this think about the possibility of the other person being hurt because of you.

#7 Compare you and other human

You should remind yourself that the other person is human too. Think if we were born to the same mother in this world.

#8 Make your heart full with happiness and soft

Think that now you are the happiest one in the world. Now no worries with past people. And be compassionate. Let go of your anger.

#9 Stop trying suppress the pain.

 Now the word “Pain” is just only a word for you. So be strong with the sudden emotions. It will allow you to bring pain again. But later it will allow you to move on with life. Then you can see that amazing person within you.

#10 Discover and continue.

The best way to see your success is you will see right through others’ pain and now you are really stronger and happier. To continue the process by using the made list.

 Remember at last you are not able to change your past. At least by forgiving the past. But remember it will certainly change the future. You will have the best options for the whole period of time.

Believe me my friends it will be the sweetest revenge.

*Now You Can Start A New Life…


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